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I began life coaching and personal training with Sarah 12 months ago. My goals were to lose weight and to deal with the mental and emotional barriers that prevented me from keeping the weight off. I also wanted to incorporate a healthy lifestyle, which would last my entire life. I have achieved and exceeded my goals above and beyond what I ever expected. I lost 20 kilos in the first 6 months which I primarily attribute to the life coaching sessions. CARDIOBOX classes and SOMATIC SUCCESS personal training sessions complimented my achievements along with excellent nutritional advice and a tailored eating plan.

 I have learnt to put myself first which was a very big thing for me. Having two young kids and a family made it quite difficult to put myself first but I think that they benefit from having me number one because I am happy, healthy and fit and I can pass on my nutrition to them by cooking healthy meals.
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After my two pregnancies, I was left with a hernia, severe abdominal muscle separation and a lot of excess skin. I did not feel comfortable and I was having functional issues, which were severely affecting my lifestyle. ??I used to struggle with making decisions but now I don’t even think twice. Life coaching and personal training put me in peak physical condition and mindset. After losing my weight I decided to complete what I had started and consulted two reconstructive surgeons to determine what had to be done to correct my medical issues and remove my excess skin and within seven days I had the surgery.
The skills I acquired during my life – coaching journey set me up for a better recovery compared to a complicated caesarean with my second child. I was positive, happy and mentally strong. It’s been two weeks since my surgery and I feel fantastic. The only thing frustrating me is my eagerness to resume my training but I have to wait to allow my body to heal from the surgery.When I reflect over the past year, I cannot believe how much I have changed. I am much happier, I am confident; I no longer procrastinate about decisions. I just go, I just do it!
I honestly believe that Change Coaching Australia has set me up for the rest of my life. I recommend Change Coaching Australia to anyone who is feeling stuck with where their life is heading, or if they feel as though they can’t move forward, or if they are having problems in making decisions.” - Sylvia 2013
So in November I had a meeting with Sarah. I was grossly overweight and just felt generally disillusioned about life in general. I tended not to trust people especially people that promised me results. However I clicked with Sarah and she said that she would get me to my goal weight.
So not only have I smashed my weight goals (lost 30kilos), I have just been healed in so many ways and the best bit is in the way Sarah works you are able to come up with solutions yourself so it is rewarding to know that I kinda had it in there.I have felt liberated in many ways. I have freedom from the ‘rules’ my Dr’s put on me that is the biggest one. I have gone from not moving because I was told I couldn’t to boxing, weights, walking and I even roller skate.Thank you Sarah for giving me the Bev back I thought was lost. My kids and hubby are happier with this Bev too. Thank you so much you rockstar!!! - Beverley 2016
Sarah’s style as a personal trainer is very effective, the way she interacts with clients and makes them feel comfortable in her space gets the best results. Sarah is really good friends with all her clients and is available to them at all times to answer any questions they may have in their program. She utilises a tough but caring approach in the gym itself, happy to joke around with you during rest periods but making sure you feel like you’ve achieved something every time you visit her for a PT session. Sarah taught me many things that relate to physiological and mental aspects of the body, and really helped me learn while I was there for my internship.
When certain situations arise Sarah is more than happy to help out all her clients, no matter how hard the task at hand is. She sacrifices her personal time to make sure that all clients can get the appropriate program and teaching they need to improve themselves and their situations. When these situations arise you can be sure the first person talking you through them will be Sarah. It was interesting to see how versatile Sarah can be when approaching different situations no matter the problem presented.
I have taken away many experiences from my time at Change Coaching Australia, and each and every one of them has helped me in my studies to become an exercise physiologist. I would not hesitate to recommend a Change Coaching Australia program to anybody who asked me, Sarah is a complete professional and gets results. - Tom 2015
I began with Change Coaching Australia six months ago. I was twenty kilograms heavier, in a job I hated, had never traveled and displayed my misery in every external way possible. I was lost, had no knowledge of how to escape the life I had created for myself and held no hope of changing my circumstances. I felt out of control, passive in my own life and was stuck in self-pity. I went to Change Coaching Australia out of desperation. Sarah helped me see how I was working against myself, literally getting in my own way with so many methods of self-sabotage I couldn’t even count them now.
I’ve changed internally and externally. By making small- and when I was ready- large steps, I’ve taken back control of my life. I’ve learned methods of thinking and acting that help me to approach my problems constructively. I’ve learned that my behaviour is entirely within my control. 
I am by no means a finished product, but a work in progress. And I am progressing, for the first time in years. People don’t recognise the miserable person that I was. My appearance is more congruent with how I want to appear. I have lost weight, travelled overseas, got a new job, started playing roller derby, I dance. I am more vibrant; I sparkle. I have learned strategies that help me to identify when I am self-sabotaging and why. I’ve taken responsibility for my own life and the change I want to see in it.
Sarah’s coaching is insightful, intuitive, wise and methodical. She believes in you when you don’t. Taking coaching is an empowering place to be. Instead of wishing that my life was different, or that I was different, I act to change it instead. I grant my own wishes! I expect more of myself now, because I know I am capable of it. I would recommend coaching to anyone. - Annette 2015
Sarah’s unique strong, accountable style of coaching is so empowering, within a short amount of sessions I had come to realise the power I had to change and transform my current situation. - Aliva 2013  
Sarah Berenson has been an amazing life coach to me. She has helped me find my inner strength and confidence again. With the support and understanding I received, Sarah guided me to a life of happiness and peace I felt I always deserved, but couldn’t reach before. I am truly thankful for the time and energy Sarah invested in me to achieve my goals. - Raelyn 2013
Sarah is a professional, skilled, motivating and caring personal trainer and life coach. She easily builds rapport with her clients, is generous with her time and is committed to getting results – which she does with a balance of encouragement, tough love and good humour. - Roz 2013
I first met Sarah when the psychologist with whom I was seeing suggested that if I was serious about losing weight then she would be able to help me. I have enjoyed it so much that I have just signed up for another 12 –  week program. I would recommend contacting Sarah to both improve your health and fitness and your outlook on life. - Damian 2013
Sarah has become a positive influence in my life as she guides me and educates me on my fitness journey, equipping me with mental toughness to push myself to reach my goals and hopefully exceed them. Sarah is a dedicated and highly creative personal trainer. She uses her vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition to custom design programs to the individual needs of her clients… She never fails to be there to support, encourage, and celebrate her client’s wins.? - Chonny 2013  
…One of the major disappointments in my life was the problem with my weight. I was terribly obese, weighing close to 180kgs. The saving factor was my height, being close to 6 foot 7. I was resigned to the fact that I will always be a “big fella”, since my father was tall and quite solid…In January ’02 I decided to do something about it, but I couldn’t do it alone. I asked Sarah to help me; we then began a journey to get me eating healthier, exercising properly… I did not ask for any special treatment it was Sarah’s fantastic nature that got me started… What Sarah has done for me is quite remarkable. I am a changed person, now weighing in at 98kgs and feeling absolutely fantastic. - Andrew 2002  
Having never done boxing before I was a bit hesitant about contacting Sarah. I have just completed a 12 – week program in which I did both the Cardiobox group classes and one on one personal training class. Not only have I lost weight, 9.5 kilos in that 12 weeks, I have also had fun and made some new friends and my confidence in myself and my outlook on life has changed. - Damian 2013  
As a professional trainer and coach, Sarah makes herself available for advice on all aspects of training including injury management. The classes that Sarah runs are varied, making them interesting. She is always prepared to adapt to the differing skill levels within the class and provides tuition that is aimed at the level of the individual without being intimidating. The classes are friendly and light making it a pleasure to attend. - Ed 2013
With her personalised approach to my training and lifestyle program, both inside and outside the gym, I am greatly exceeding even my own expectations. While I have only just started my journey I am well on my way. What makes Sarah different from other trainers is her ability to truly tailor your program to your goals and she is there every step of the way to ensure you reach them. - Chantelle 2013