Sarah Berenson

Mediator | Wellness Coach | Personal Trainer | Fitness Instructor

A popular and knowledgeable wellness coach, having exceeded 1000 client hours, Sarah is also a fitness instructor and personal trainer with university qualifications in Health Promotion and Ergonomics. She has created corporate wellness programs for both government and non-government institutions for which she has received many accolades. She has also created various fitness programs including CARDIOBOX.

Sarah has had the privilege and honour of coaching and training hundreds of clients over the past two decades across mind, body and life, and she delivers. Sarah coaches clients who want or need to change any aspect of their life that is holding them back. She enjoys a challenge and believes there are only solutions.

Highly regarded in the industry and by her peers, Sarah is a professional mentor and provides internships to students from the University of Canberra and supervises personal trainers undertaking their Certificates III and IV from various training organisations.

Sarah’s passion is to assist clients with longstanding weight issues. She has assisted numerous mothers to get their bodies back after childbirth, including Sylvia, as featured on the testimonial page of this website.

In the course of her career, Sarah has witnessed amazing feats of strength, will and determination as her clients embarked upon what they would call the “the impossible”. The overwhelming satisfaction and joy Sarah feels as her clients move past fears, barriers, obstacles and limiting beliefs to overcome “the impossible” is the reason she created Change Coaching Australia.

When you are ready to change, Sarah is the coach for you!