Lisa Donaldson

Lisa’s journey to become a dietitian was a personal one after being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, lactose intolerance, gastrointestinal upsets and a kidney condition over ten years ago. Her desire to feel better was enough to send her back to university, despite loving her role as a school teacher. With a keen interest in health and fitness, Lisa has been a Group Fitness instructor for over a decade and is empathetic to anyone who has recently been diagnosed with any condition; she has been there and knows it can be tough! Lisa’s background in education and fitness provides her with a large toolbox of skills and strategies to help you achieve your goals. Her daily mantra is ‘make life happen’. In life, she truly believes anything is possible and is here to lead the way.

Lisa spent two years working alongside her mentor Channel Nine nutritionist Dr Joanna McMillan in Sydney who taught her the skill of presenting complex information in the simplest way. She regularly writes for magazines and websites, as well as presents to a range of audiences. Away from work Lisa is a keen half marathon runner, cyclist and mountain hiker. She has recently slowed things down (slightly!) as she has recently become a first time mum!

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