Lis Bailey

Lis is a personal trainer who is extremely passionate about fitness. This passion stems from a personal journey where she lost 60kgs and underwent a series of changes including leaving a job after 25 years service to go to university full time studying exercise and sport science. Lis is in her final semester after which she will be a qualified exercise scientist.

Lis is a qualified metal worker and has completed a medical science degree. With Lis’ passions being metal, engineering, the human body and fitness she has developed an overarching interest in biomechanics and human movement, which encompasses all of these passions.

Learning is important to Lis and she loves to teach and share knowledge. She is currently completing a Diploma of Education to supplement her current Certificate IV qualification in Training and Assessing. She has experience as an educator working as a maths, science and anatomy tutor of both high school and university students. Lis also held a position in the public service as an educator/facilitator. Lis will utilising all of these skills, qualifications and knowledge working with Sarah to create and deliver CEC CARDIOBOX courses for other trainers within the fitness industry.

Lis conducts pre exercise screening of Sarah’s clients to gather information on what is going on in their body and how their body moves. This background information is used as a basis for developing exercise programs or providing written reports for other allied health professionals such as physiotherapists and exercise physiologist. Part of the screening process is a 7 stage functional movement screen (FMS) designed to see how a person’s body moves when performing fundamental movement patterns required to carry out activities of daily living. The FMS is used to highlight any compensatory movement patterns people may be using or identify if they have a muscular imbalance between their left and right side of their body. Exercises can be prescribed to address compensatory movement or imbalances.

Due to her own weight loss journey of losing 60kg Lis is extremely passionate about people’s health and fitness. Exercise was a key part of her journey and Lis believes that her trainer’s energy, support and belief in her helped achieve her goals. The change from before the journey to now is incredible and her goal is to share that experience through personal training supporting Sarah’s clients to meet their fitness goals.

To help someone achieve their fitness goals, improve their life and buy back time through improved cardio vascular health and strength is a very special thing. It is a privilege to share someone’s journey and achievements and offer support and guidance along the way. Lis has taken the journey and can empathise with clients as well as provide a living, breathing example of what is possible.