Ben Tyrrell

I became a personal trainer over 8 years ago because I wanted to help people work around their perceived limitations. I was injured when I was 11 years old and diagnosed with severs disease. I was later also diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter disease and had no cartridge in my right knee. I became accustomed to attending physiotherapy twice a week just to maintain my body to perform the sports I loved including soccer, athletics and ballet. I always had to change to adapt and I always wanted to win. I like finding ways around issues and I enjoy a challenge.

I can no longer play competitive sport and I don’t like to think about it but I have found my passion again through motivating and driving my clients to achieve their full potential. One of my favourite clients was missing half her humorous. I taught her to perform push-ups and put on her jacket. I love to empower individuals to achieve outside their comfort zone and perceived limitations which is a philosophy I share with Sarah and the reason why I love working with Change Coaching Australia. Sarah cares about her clients not the money as do I. Sarah and I are unique and we like to bring like minded people together to motivate and inspire them. We are fun and relaxed but serious when we need to be. Like Sarah I go the extra mile, connecting with people in conventional and unconventional ways.