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SOMATIC SUCCESS is a personal training service.


SOMATIC SUCCESS is an excellent choice for those who need to:

√ Get motivated
√ Be accountable
√ Safely push through barriers
√ Learn correct form and technique
√ Lose weight
√ Train harder

You will receive expert advice from a team of experienced health and fitness professionals with more than 20 years experience. Our personal trainers will guide you through safe and enjoyable physical activities and assist you to form healthy lifestyle habits.


I’m interested, tell me more …

You can attend your session on your own or with a friend. Sessions run for 35, 45 or 55 minutes. Pending your goals and availability, we recommend you select 55 minute sessions, attending 2-4 times per week.

We also offer small and large group fitness classes which cater to the general public and workplaces.

You will be required to undertake a pre exercise screen. You will also be provided the option to undertake a functional movement screen (FMS). If you are managing an injury or condition, you will be referred to an external Change Technician who specialises in exercise physiology. Your exercise physiologist will work with your personal trainer, general practitioner and relevant specialists when required.

Your  personal trainer will prescribe challenging and safe exercises. Your program will consist of various cardiovascular and/or resistance based exercises that will set you up for life. Your  personal trainer will hold you to account, motivate you and provide feedback. You will walk away with skills to train independently and maintain your outcomes.

What are the benefits?

Training can significantly improve your:

  • Health, body composition and physical function
  • Strength, power and endurance
  • Mood, sleep and energy level
  • Range of motion/flexibility and stability
  • Neuroplasticity and proprioception
  • Balance and coordination
  • Tendon and ligament function
  • Blood pressure and cardiovascular health
  • Cholesterol, immune function and bone density
  • Metabolic rate, fitness and so … much … more…

Your experienced Change Technicians will create a program to educate you and assist you to experience health benefits while supporting you to achieve your specific goals.



We recognise and appreciate that there are a number of factors impacting your ability to achieve your goals including mobility, mindset and healthy eating. Depending on the level and type of support you require and your medical history, we can incorporate various health and lifestyle services into your package.

We offer standard packages when twelve or more sessions of the same service is required. We also offer customised packages when twelve or more sessions of multiple services are required.

In our experience, customised packages incorporating wellness coaching yield the best results. Paramount to achieving any goal is having a positive and focused mindset. Wellness coaching will equip you with necessary skills to adapt your mindset; improve your confidence; expand your comfort zone; challenge your limiting beliefs; push through barriers and position you for sustainability and success.

We often work with the following Change Technicians when customising SOMATIC SUCCESS packages:

Our collaborative approach allows Change Technicians to communicate freely with each other and support you to prevent or manage health issues.

Discounts apply when multiple services are purchased and when packages are paid in full within 2 weeks of purchase. We also offer payment plans for those experiencing financial constraints. Payment plans are negotiated on a case by case basis.

Where is SOMATIC SUCCESS located?

We conduct outdoor and indoor training within a 20 km radius from our studio in Harrison; however most of our clients prefer the ease and efficiency of our private studio.

Benefits of attending our studio include:

  • No gym membership required
  • No extra fees associated with gym membership
  • Fully equipped with cardio and resistance equipment
  • Exclusive access and privacy
  • No time delays associated with sharing equipment
  • Easy access
  • Free parking
  • Free venue
  • Flexible and negotiated access and hours of operation
  • 6 km from the Central Business District

Ready to Change?

After your initial consultation we will provide you with a quote for a package to meet your needs. Contact us for your complimentary consultation today!