After his weight loss, the two stuck together and went on a remarkable journey to identify and pursue all the dreams that he never conceived possible.

First, there was shopping, alot of shopping! Then there was an entire new wardrobe to match the new body, which came with a new identity, inner strength and attitude, alot of attitude! Then he started dating…. there were alot of dates!

With a new found zest and passion for life, he continued to explore and achieve in every area of his life. He learnt to drive and achieved his driver’s license. He was then accepted to university prep as a mature age student with a view to becoming a primary school teacher. He also pursued his new found passion to become a personal trainer. He later proposed to a lovely lady that he had been friends with for close to ten years (who was the love of his life).

Three months passed and the two hadn’t been in contact. Sarah assumed her client was living life to the full and didn’t think anything about the lapse in contact. Around this time Sarah received a telephone call from her client’s mother inviting her to join them for lunch.

Sarah was confused by the nature of the invitation and choice of venue but accepted without asking any questions. When she arrived at the venue she was greeted by funny little fluffy birds and other unusual and friendly animals.

It was not until Sarah got to the building’s entrance that she realised she was at a medical facility. She was then escorted down a corridor to a room where her client lay holding his fiance’s hand. His head was shaved and marked with significant surgical wounds. He was a skeleton of his former self, weighing 76 kilograms. There were photos of Sarah and her client stuck on the surrounding walls and boxing gloves hanging from a drip stand located next to the morphine sacks which hung down and were draped around his neck.

Holding back her tears and in complete shock, Sarah went on to spend the day with her client reminiscing, celebrating life, and laughing. A nurse appeared at the door and asked him to go outside but he refused. Sarah asked him to go outside and he obliged. She then accidentally ran him over with his wheel chair in attempt to take him outside which resulted in the two of them lying on ground laughing. The nurse assisted him back into his chair and Sarah wheeled him outside. The two sat wiggling their toes in the grass and continued to share stories. Unbeknowns to Sarah at the time, this would be the last day she would see her client alive.

Sarah carries her experiences of growth, change, passion and determination into her sessions with her clients in his memory. Driven by her love of people and inspired by her experience she facilitates self discovery in others by applying the gift given to her by her client. Sarah now helps clients uncover their barriers to discover their authentic self and celebrate life.