Change Coaching Australia

We will support you to make positive changes to improve the quality of your life using various in-house services.  We will encourage you to grow and learn by connecting you with positive professionals who deliver services that are aligned with the goals and outcomes you seek.

Our Story

Change Coaching Australia was inspired by an experience Sarah Berenson, owner, had when she was studying psychology and working as a fitness professional at university some 20 years ago. Her experience was triggered by an encounter with a young man enquiring about a gym membership.

The young man explained that he had been denied membership at several fitness centres earlier that day due to his height and stature. Standing at 2 metres tall and weighing 206 kilograms, he said,

“I know what you are going to say, you are going to tell me that your equipment is not load rated to accommodate my body weight and that I am a liability to your facility as I am a heart attack risk.”

Sarah knew she could not sell him a membership and replied,

“I understand your predicament. I am a personal trainer and I would like to help you.”

The young man took Sarah up on her offer and she trained him in her own time, free of charge, for a period of six months. He really connected with weights and boxing and despite her efforts to moderate the rate of his weight loss, he shed 94 kilograms in this short time. Although he perceived this as a significant achievement, it’s what happened next that would change Sarah’s life forever….

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Referral Network

Our referral network consists of allied health professionals and industry experts who provide health and/or lifestyle services. Their fundamental role is to equip you with new perspectives, skills and strategies that will support your health, creativity and personal growth. Your referral network practitioners are passionate about their area of expertise and are committed to supporting you to achieve your goals and outcomes. 

We understand that engaging multiple providers can be costly. We also understand that sharing information between  providers can be challenging when there is not a direct line of communication. We choose to collaborate so that we are able to offer you discounts on related services, provide variety and adopt a dynamic, integrative and collaborative approach.


Change Coaching Australia package health and lifestyle services to meet your goals and outcomes. We understand that the change you seek may require access to multiple professionals and/or a high volume of the same service. Numerous benefits apply when services are purchased as a standard package (high volume of single services) and when purchased as a customised package (high volume of multiple services). 

Services are packaged and exclusively discounted for Change Coaching Australia clients. Contact Change Coaching Australia today for more details.


A workshop is an interactive small group session that runs for 90-120 minutes and is facilitated by a suitably qualified professional. Participants can expect to meet new people, acquire new skills and connect with like-minded people and industry professionals.


A package consists of a singular health and/or lifestyle service purchased in high volume or multiple services customised to support a particular goal or outcome.

Individual factors determine the type and volume of services required. For example, a comprehensive health and fitness package includes wellness coaching, personal training, psychology, physiotherapy and massage services.

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